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Colorado Springs is the most desirable place to live in the United States, says a recent survey by U.S. News & World Report. With Pikes Peak and the surrounding Front Range mountains as a backdrop, and a host of recreational opportunities, Colorado Springs has been growing rapidly.

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Given the choice to live anywhere in the country, more people would choose Colorado Springs than any other city Colorado Springs surpassed Honolulu to take the top spot after being in second place for the past two What about Denver? The Mile High City was named the 10th most desirable city.

Not only is Colorado Springs a fantastic place to live, but a recent survey from U.S That survey comes just months after Colorado Springs ranked second in a list of "Best Places to Live" by the publication. Of the top five most desirable places in the survey, Colorado Springs is the smallest.

Read Isle of Skye voted ‘most desirable place to live’ in Britain latest on ITV News. All the And Finally news.

A really interesting mix of large state schools and prestigious private colleges. Acceptance Rate – 22%. Total Undergraduates – 27,941. Colorado – University of Colorado. Location – Boulder, Colorado.

The data harvesting used by Cambridge Analytica has also triggered calls for further investigation from the European Union, as well as federal and state officials in the United States. AP Technology.

Dream of retiring to Ireland? The best places to live in Ireland? Here’s the most desirable places to live in Ireland.

Hart in Hampshire has once again been named the UK’s most desirable place to live, according to the most recent Halifax quality of life survey. Residents in the rural South Eastern district enjoy some of the longest and healthiest lives, while also having a high employment rate, low level of crime and.