A "bomb cyclone" hit Colorado on Wednesday. A "bomb cyclone" hit Colorado on Wednesday. While the term sounds like something out of science fiction, it’s quite real-"bomb cyclone" is a scientific term describing the aftermath of bombogenesis, which is another word I’m thankful is now in.

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Yes, a bomb cyclone sounds pretty bad. But you probably don’t need to be as freaked out about winter storm Grayson as that term would have you believe.

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Filed Under:Blizzard, Bomb Cyclone, Colorado Weather, Denver Weather, Explosive Cyclogenesis, March Winter Storm, Weather Bomb. DENVER (CBS4) – You must admit, this is quite a title for a weather story, right? I’m sure it caught your attention.

A bomb cyclone is a pretty standard meteorological term for a rapidly strengthening, spinning storm. Winter Storm Grayson is forecasted to become one of the strongest. colorado-based flyin’ miata has been making MX-5s go faster for three decades.

A bomb cyclone is an actual meteorological phenomenon that describes a storm with plummeting atmospheric pressure. colorado public radio devoted a whole website to answering the bomb cyclone question. Share your feedback to help improve our site experience! More Stories.

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"We are in full saving lives mode," said Ryan Parsell, a spokesman for El Paso County, about the ongoing rescues. No charges had been filed. The storm morphed into a "bomb cyclone" Wednesday and roared through Colorado on its way to the Great Plains and parts of the Midwest.

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