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His district includes colorado springs, home of the Air Force Space Command. Lamborn, who lent early support to Trump’s Space Force announcement by calling it a “dramatic initiative,” issued a.

 · Many at the National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs on Tuesday were abuzz that Gen. John Hyten, the head of Air Force Space Command, might be.

FLORIDA – Florida will not be the home to a space force. candidates for the headquarters for the U.S. Combatant Command for Space, and Florida is not on it. There are four potential bases in.

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The new branch of the military dedicated to space is likely to be based in Colorado, at least temporarily, according to experts and an industry advocate in Florida. The new Space Command, the Department of Defense has said, "would focus on conducting all joint space warfighting operations and ensuring the combat readiness of global forces."

Colorado Springs’ Peterson Air Force Base was designated as its temporary home with the current commander of the Air Force Space Command in charge of both. The renewed Space Command is the.

Colorado emerges as front-runner for Space Command HQ. Do other states still have a chance? Florida fought hard to be named the home of U.S. Space Command, but didn’t make the first shortlist.

Since Vice President Mike Pence announced plans to establish a Space Command, Colorado has been widely acknowledged as the likely front runner for the headquarters. proximity to ports and.