On June 10, Jupiter can be seen in its brightest and biggest form, because it will be positioned directly opposite to the sun from our Earth point of view and well-illuminated from sunset to sunrise. A couple of days later, Jupiter, the moon, and red star Antares will be a stellar trio in the night sky.

The best time to observe planets is at night, but Jupiter is so bright that it can sometimes be seen shortly after dusk, and shortly before dawn. At dusk it will rise in the east, but as night goes on Jupiter will appear to travel westwards through the sky.

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"It’s the best time of the year to see Jupiter, as the planet is visible in the sky. causing the gas giant to appear to travel backwards in the night sky. Lunar eclipse 2019 TONIGHT – start time.

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NASA has said that Jupiter “is at its biggest and brightest this month,” and. From June 14 to 19, sky gazers can see a “beautiful line-up” of the.

 · Our solar system’s largest planet, Jupiter will be in our line of sight like nothing else, according to NASA. On June 10, later tonight, Jupiter reaches the point of opposition, which means Earth will be between Jupiter and Sun in a straight line. You can.

Tonight might just be your best chance to see our solar system’s biggest planet in the night sky. Jupiter will be in "opposition" on Monday night, meaning that it will form a straight line with the.

On the evening of June 10, Jupiter will rise shortly after the sunset, reach high into the sky before setting around dawn. It will be the brightest visible object in the sky aside from the moon.

The Brightest Planets in August’s Night Sky: How to See them (and When) The planet will pass 0.5 degrees above the bright double star Zubenelgenubi (Alpha Librae) around mid-month, and the pair of objects will appear together in the field of view of a telescope at low magnification. From time to time during August,

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Jupiter should be visible from sunset on Monday to sunrise on Tuesday morning, reaching the best height for viewing around 11:30 p.m. ET. Jupiter will be among the brightest objects in the sky, so.